About My Charms
Types, Styles & Sizes


          Each Custom Photo Charm is made by hand, the only machine I use is the computer to prepare the photos;  each photo is adjusted for exposure, color balance and contrast.  The photos are printed on high quality photo paper and left to dry completely for 12 to 24 hours.  The photos are then hand cut, glued on the special link & enameled one drop at a time with a pin.  They must dry 24 to 48 hours before they are ready to send out.  Most examples on this site are actual charms, after enamel.  Sometime I will include both so you can see how clear the photo really is.  After the enamel is applied, the photo is magnified, looks great in person, but hard to photograph.  Most photos can be placed on any charm either horizontal or vertical, or best fit, just let me know which you would prefer.  (Not all photos fit properly both ways, if I have a problem, I'll let you know)

 Different Styles & Sizes

Here I will list all sizes and style of Italian photo charm links I carry.  Each photo charm link is high quality stainless steel that is special made for photo charms.  All my photo charms have a silver stainless steel base (sometimes they look goldish in the example), some have gold frames and borders, but the base is always silver.

First there are two types of photo charm links; recessed & raised.  The recessed charm links have the photo frame stamped into the base link.  The raised charm links have a photo frame attached to the base link. 

 Charm Link Styles ~ See photo examples in "Custom Photo Charms" section:

9mm ~ Recessed ~ Silver - 9mm UBERRY rectangular Photo Charm Link

9mm ~ Raised ~ Silver or Gold Border - 9mm D'linQ rectangular Photo Charm Link with a silver or gold border.  These hold a slightly larger photo than the recessed charm links.

9mm ~ Raised ~ Square ~ Silver or Gold Border - 9mm Square D'LinQ Photo Charm Link with a silver or gold border.  These hold square photos, much larger photo that rectangular photo links.  These are great for square photos, portraits, couples, almost any photo. 

9mm ~ Recessed ~ Gold Frame - 9mm Nappi rectangular Photo Charm Link with a 18k gold filled border.  They hold a slightly smaller photo than the other 9mm recessed photo link, but they look great with other gold charms.

9mm ~ Recessed ~ Superlink ~ Silver - 9mm UBERRY rectangular Superlink Photo Charm Link.  Photo is almost twice as wide as a 9mm recessed.  These are great for groups, with the heads all at the same level.  These can also be used to combine a Photo and a Name.

Raised ~ Mega Link ~ Silver or Gold Border - 18mm Square D'LinQ Photo Charm with silver or gold border.  These links connect two bracelets together.  Great for family or group photos, set the theme of your bracelets or use to divide interests on your bracelets (I have four Mega Links on my main bracelet). These are easy to change for different season & holidays.  Mega Links also make a great Photo Bracelet of all Mega Links (8 - 10 links).

13mm ~ Recessed ~ Silver - 13mm UBERRY rectangular Photo Charm Link.

13mm ~ Raised ~ Gold - 13mm D'linQ Photo Charm Link with a gold border.  (Sorry, it doesn't come with a silver border) 

I hope I covered everything, if I didn't, let me know.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me!