Sending Photos

How to Send Your Photos

After you have completed your purchase, please let me know if you are snail mailing me your photo or e-mailing your photo to me:

If you are emailing me your photo file(s):

On scanned photos, 200 - 300 dpi works best.

If you want an area cropped or a close up of a specific subject, let me know, and I will crop for you. (Cropping does not mean removing the background, it means cutting away the excess photo after zooming in on the subject, you want on the charm). I need to have enough area around the subject to make your photo fit properly in the charm. If I don't have enough photo on the sides to make horizontal, they will have to be made vertical. If I don't have enough to make them fit either horizontal or vertical, I will have to contact you to send more of the photo or another photo, which will delay your order. SQUARE PHOTOS DO NOT FIT ON A RECTANGULAR CHARM, I will need to crop your photo to fit the charm.  Square photos "do" fit on 9mm Raised Square Custom Photo Charms, Custom Mega Links and 13mm Raised Gold Border Custom Photo Charms.

Let me be the one to reduce the size of your photo, send to me in a standard size, 3 x 5, 4 x 6, etc. (If you send me a very small photo, you will lose the detail in your photo).

On digital files, just send, as is, in jpg format.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

You can email your files to me at

If you have problems sending to AOL you can send to (This email address has limited storage space & should only be used if you can't send to my AOL address)

Please contact me for my mailing address if you are snail mailing me your photo.